My native language is French. You're on the translated version of this website. You can except errors or typos, some translations aren't finished yet.

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About me

Une photo de moi

My name is Maya, I was born in the mid 90's. I make applications and websites, professionally and sometimes in my free time (when I have some).

I made this website to share my work, my discoveries, my experiences as well as my very subjective points of view on different subjects.

I mainly work with Python, Javascript and PHP. I also do some system administration on Linux, I'm familiar with Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. I have a french literature high school diploma and a college degree in computer science.

I support open source values and I try through my work to defend a free, independent and accessible Web.

For further information or if you have any comment you can write me at the e-mail address indicated on the home page.