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Simple DNF

Simple DNF is a fast and simple graphical utility to manage your packages, a bit like Synaptic but for Linux distributions using the DNF package manager (like Fedora).

This application is a simple and ergonomic alternative to Dragora DNF.

Source Python and GTK / Fedora Linux / GPL3

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Nonote is a cross-platform application for taking notes in formatted text, adding elements to them, and organizing them directly using folders that can be nested.

It as designed to write content in an elegant and quick way. There are few formatting options and folder management is built-in, so you can focus on your work and be as efficient as possible.

Multiplatform / Source Python / CeCILL License

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Graphical interface for rSync, to synchronize your home folder or one of your subfolders on an external space (other partition, mount...).

The rSync backend allows quick backup by copying only the differences in files since the last backup.

Source Python and Qt / GPL3 License

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Yass Sokoban

A small Sokoban game for DOS, written in x86 assembler.

The game has about 20 levels. By copying the executable to a floppy disk, you can to run it on a real PC from the late 80s (Intel 286 and +).

x86 Assembly / MS-DOS Platform

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Testcard Generator

A small app to generate video test patterns dynamically with different backgrounds: bars, color bars, grid, with options to insert a label or time.

Can be used to insert in OBS streams (you can copy-paste an URL with customized settings).

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wqt : links aggregator

Put web links in a text file and the aggregator will display them by date, with the possibility to filter by tags. Useful to share what you found on the web.

Inspired by the following systems: HN, Lobster, Shaarli...

Source JS / MIT License

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This small web application allows to calculate the costs related to the purchase and use of a laser printer. It takes into account taxes and annual consumption.

The results can be easily shared by copy-pasting a personalized link.

Source JS / MIT License

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Commenting system in Javascript and PHP without database, optimized for static sites made with Jekyll.

It allows to post comments on different articles and has a log file to detect new comments.

Source PHP and JS / GPL3 License

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Medieval icons

I made these medieval / RPG style vector icons for a game project we did at IUT in 2017.

Made with Inkscape

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